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Hidden Treasure: the oldest vineyard in Saumur

The ancient troglodyte presses testify to the estate’s ancestral winemaking activity, producing wines that were a favourite among King René and Joachim of Bellay. The château continues to make wine to this day in its vineyard which now uses organic farming techniques.

Surrounded by 28 hectares of vines, the Château of Brézé is home to one of the oldest vineyards in Saumur, dating from the 15th century. During the 16th century, its cuvées found favour with King René of Anjou and the famous poet Joachim of Bellay, who even wrote a few verses about them: “Its Nectar seasons us, Nectar give it to us, My sweet Brézéen wine…” It was also said that this Saumur wine was one of Louis XIV’s favourites!

Since these rumours, Brézé wines have been seen on every noble’s table. The château’s wines are so highly reputed that its barrels are exchanged at equal value for those of Château d'Yquem. The vineyard is planted with Chenin and Cabernet Franc and boasts the unusual feature of being divided into individual enclosed plots (Clos) that are all looked after with very special care. Each cuvée is named after the plot it was produced from: Clos David, Clos de la Rue, Clos du Tue-Loup, Clos de l'Étoile and Clos Bonne-Nouvelle. Since 2009, the 28 hectares of vineyards have been turning to organic and biodynamic winemaking techniques in accordance with today’s noble trends: cultivating vines with respect. 
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