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Unusual: the hanging garden

Good King René left Angers with the legacy of his love of gardens and passion for botany. A stroll through the château’s grounds reveals stunning features in a patchwork of gardens that cover the estate, as well as the hanging gardens which adorn its ramparts.​

The Château of Angers reflects the mindset of Good King René, who was a lover of botany and whose plant ornamentations embellished the château at the foot of the residence. As part of the recent garden renovation project, the château was given new gardens including a formal garden, a rose garden, a magnificent collection of hydrangeas, a vegetable garden with a medieval flower meadow and, of course, a vineyard, which was so important to King René! This botanical palette also includes a hanging garden growing peacefully at the top of the ramparts. It is composed of geometric beds and contains aromatic and medicinal plants and spices that grow in a pleasing jumble of greenery. Some of these plants were already used in the Middle Ages and appear in the Tapestry of the Apocalypse. The château’s gardeners have committed to an environmentally-friendly approach without the use of garden chemicals. They have reintroduced common green lacewings, which are natural predators of aphids which often attack vines and roses. The château has also been certified as an “LPO sanctuary” (bird protection league) with 14 species coming to nest here, in addition to the bees living in the royal hives.
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