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A film plunging you into the history of the famous tapestry of the Château of Angers

The Château of Angers has a new tool at the cutting edge of technology: an immersive film for exploring behind the Tapestry of the Apocalypse. Dive into the heart of this unique masterpiece and hear all about its secrets.
The Château of Angers is showing a new film on the famous Tapestry of the Apocalypse in the introductory room before the gallery where it is displayed. The film provides keys for understanding the symbolism and context of the fabrication of the world’s largest and oldest tapestry. 100 of the original 140 metres of this tapestry, commissioned in around 1375 by Duke Louis I of Anjou, have been preserved over the centuries thanks to outstanding conservation and restoration work, also brought to the fore in the film. Produced using very high definition photos, the film presents a series of images including overall views and close-up detail, transporting the audience into the saga of the scenes depicted in the masterpiece.
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