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Cycle to the Château of Le Rivau

In 2018, cyclists and walkers will be able to use the new Richelieu-Chinon green lane, a bucolic route with varied scenery and fully signposted to showcase the local heritage. It will also provide the opportunity to discover or rediscover the Château of Le Rivau. 

This new countryside itinerary now links the medieval town of Chinon to Cardinal Richelieu’s perfect dwelling place and passes close by the Château of Le Rivau. Reserved for use by cyclists and walkers, the green lane has been built on the old railway line between Chinon and Richelieu and winds through vineyards and stunning scenery over nearly 20 km. Suitable for all users, and notably families, it also has multiple discovery stations along the way. When you arrive at “Gare de Coutureau – Halte du Château du Rivau”, you will discover panels explaining all there is to see at the château and presenting the biodiversity in its gardens and different flowering periods from April to November. The green lane falls fully in line with the Château of Le Rivau’s desire to establish sustainable tourism that respects the environment.