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Cœur de France à vélo

An irresistible journey to the center of France. You will follow the blue thread of the Cher river which jumps over the needle dams, then that of the Canal de Berry. It is all flat, easy to walk with your family, ideal for letting go and opening your senses to bouncing discoveries with friends.

Itinerary details

Tourist on bicycle
Cultural, Gastronomical, Historical, Natural


"Coeur de France à Vélo" will open up the living and moving memory of 3 provinces with authentic charms, revealing heritage and natural nuggets that are as heterogeneous as they are fascinating: Touraine, Berry and Bourbonnais. A stroll from village to village with 4 major gateway cities on the route: Montluçon, Bourges, Vierzon and Tours.
A bicycle route under construction that grows every year: 3 sections already developed Tours/Montrichard (in Touraine), Thénioux/Plaimpied-Givaudins (in Berry) and Saint-Amand-Montrond/Montluçon (in Bourbonnais).
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