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Between the Loire and canal

Flit between the Loire and Canal latéral along this trail, and explore Beaulieu-sur-Loire, a village with a quite unique heritage: pyramidal barns and a church blending Romanesque and Gothic styles. Then amble your way along the tow-path to the aquatic garden in Belleville-sur-Loire.

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Tourist on bicycle
Cultural, Natural, Oenological, Religious


Explore the natural surroundings in the Loire Valley along this trail, flitting between the banks of the Loire and the Canal latéral à la Loire, which has been open since 1838. Follow it at Beaulieu-sur-Loire, which is distinctive in that it is the only village on the left bank of the Loire to make a "Coteaux du Giennois" AOC wine. Take time out to have a snoop around the church there, as it not only provides an impressive summary of religious architecture, but its Romanesque nave, chancel and Gothic-style transept are also well worth your while! Up by Belleville-sur-Loire, join the La Loire à Vélo trail along the tow-path and head towards the aquatic garden: 12 rectangular shallow ponds where various water plants flourish!
Durée01h20Distance15.0 km

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