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D'Artagnan European equestrian itinerary

The European d'Artagnan Itineerary is Europe's leading equestrian touring and cultural route. With over 6,000 km of bridle paths, it takes you on a journey of discovery through an incredible natural and cultural heritage, and offers six themed routes: 6 itineraries in 6 countries.

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Equestrian, Foot, Mountain bike
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1 – La Route Royale, in the service of King Louis XIV.
2 – La Route de Madame d’Artagnan, in the footsteps of Madame d?Artagnan.
3 – La Route des Cardinaux, in the footsteps of Richelieu and Mazarin.
4 – La Route des Mousquetaires, from Gascony to Béarn via Navarre.
5 – La Route de l’Infante, to reach Ile aux Faisans
6 – La Route de Pinerolo, to watch over Fouquet, arrested by d?Artagnan in Nantes.
The royal road from Lupiac (Gers), d’Artagnan’s birthplace, to Maastricht (Netherlands), where Louis XIV’s famous musketeer died. It crosses the Indre département over a distance of almost 250 km and twenty-nine communes.
Distance250.0 km

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