Le Café des Langues

Le Friday 24 May à 20h30
7 Rue des Armuriers Pub Les Jacobins 18000 BOURGES
The Café des Langues de Bourges is a free weekly evening open to all, for practicing languages in a festive environment! A friendly atmosphere guaranteed, and free admission.
The idea is to get together every Tuesday for a chat in the language of your choice: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and, of course, French, as the Café des Langues is open to everyone, French or foreign. The Café des Langues has been in existence for many years, and during its long history has welcomed linguists from the four corners of the globe, as well as French people at all levels of language learning! Even beginners are welcome! To take part, simply turn up at the Pub Les Jacobins and look out for the organizers and discussion tables (or spot the flags on the tables). You'll then be greeted by an organizer who will explain how it works and invite you to join a table. We hope to see you there!

All the dates and times

Horaires d'ouverture du 01 January au 25 June 2024
LundiOuvre à 20h30
MardiOuvre à 20h30
MercrediOuvre à 20h30
JeudiOuvre à 20h30
VendrediOuvre à 20h30
SamediOuvre à 20h30
DimancheOuvre à 20h30

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7 Rue des Armuriers
Pub Les Jacobins
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