Le bal des couillons

Le Saturday 12 October à 19h30
7 Boulevard Lamarck Palais d'auron 18000 BOURGES
Le bal des couillons
A very Parisian lawyer is stuck on a farm in deepest France with a gruff peasant… but the peasant is whimsical and his farm is haunted! Marcel Troupeau, a rustic peasant, lives on a farm haunted by his wife Germaine. He loves 90° moonshine, demonstrations and soap…
Paul-Henry Semance, a haughty lawyer, has just bought the neighboring farmhouse with the aim of turning it into a summer cottage. A few messy chickens are the start of one of Maitre Semance’s worst days… Point of impact: Crénon-les-tablettes, very very very deep France!

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Horaires d'ouverture le 12 October 2024
SamediOuvre à 19h30

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7 Boulevard Lamarck
Palais d’auron
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