Fleurs d'encre

Le Sunday 26 May à 16h00
29 Grande Rue 45260 LORRIS
Ink flowers
Dance and poetry performance
Fleurs d?Encre is an all-female duo that brings to light the writings of Japanese women poets from 900 to 1945: Izumi Shikibu, Chiyo-ni, Tagam Kikusha, Akiko Yosano, Misuzu Kaneko and Takako Hashimoto. Creating a universe tinged with minimalism, elegance and refinement, the poems will be accompanied by song and dance to a soundtrack of natural elements (wind, rain, storm, etc.). “Reading the works of Japanese poetesses, Anne Perbal immediately perceived a correspondence with her artistic universe: the minimalism of form and the production of strange, poetic images it induces. The company Les Yeux Grands Fermés is a contemporary dance company based in Paris…


  • Dance
  • Music
  • Poetry

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Horaires d'ouverture le 26 May 2024
DimancheOuvre à 16h


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10 €
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8 €
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0 €
Full adult price
13 €

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29 Grande Rue
45260 LORRIS
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