Domaine du Grand Rosières – Domaine Siret-Courtaud

Jacques Siret associated with his sister and his wife manage the Domaine du Grand Rosières since the retirement of his parents. Vincent, one of the children, has already taken up the torch by creating his own domain. Today the family is present in the areas of Quincy (16 ha) and Châteaumeillant (3 h
Our vineyards are located in the communes of Quincy and Brinay (for the AOC Quincy) and Châteaumeillant (for the AOC Châteaumeillant). The average age of our vineyard is 35 years, the oldest having been planted in 1945. Convinced that good wine is only made from good grapes, we attach great importance to the management of our vineyard. Soil analyses are carried out regularly to optimize the necessary contributions to the vine. A regular observation of our plots as well as a very precise technical control allow us to optimize and reduce our treatments. In order to control our yields, our vines are grassed.
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AOC : Oui
  • AOC Châteaumeillant
  • AOC Quincy



Le Grand Rosieres
18400 LUNERY
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