COVIFRUIT eau de vie et apéritif d'Olivet

In 1933, the olive growers, in order to compensate for the losses caused by phylloxera, decided to found the fruit cooperative COVIFRUIT, and planted apple and pear trees throughout the canton. But a large quantity of unsold pears incited them to direct their fruit towards distilleries. This was the beginning of the Olivet Pear.
Since 2001, COVIFRUIT is a company that has kept only the production of artisanal brandy which is marketed mainly in the Centre – Val de Loire region in wine shops and supermarkets, as well as locally in Olivet. Today, in addition to the Poire d’Olivet, the company offers 4 fruit-based aperitifs: Coeur d’Arlicot, Olivetain, Poiretain, Crème de Poire, and of course many fruit juices.



  • Syrups and fruit juices
  • Spirits



613 Rue du Pressoir Tonneau
45160 OLIVET
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