Itinérance d'un Roi

Le Friday 19 July à 21h30
1 Rue Henri Ducrot 18000 BOURGES
An immersive show in the Châteaux of the Route Jacques Coeur, taking visitors back to the time of the Sun King.
Let yourself be transported back in time and become one of the courtiers of the famous Louis XVI. Follow the actors through the various rooms to the final play, where you'll meet up with one of the great playwrights of the period, who will offer you the chance to assist him or remain a spectator.


  • History
  • Theatre

All the dates and times

Horaires d'ouverture le 19 July 2024
VendrediOuvre à 21h30
Horaires d'ouverture le 20 July 2024
SamediOuvre à 21h30


Full adult price
20 €
Child rate
5 €
Discount rate
17 €

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1 Rue Henri Ducrot
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